Breaking Scientific Barriers


Positioned at the front of bioscience exploration, elite scientists at Bio Innovation Holistic Limited (BIH) persisted through tens of thousands of cell research projects to better understand our cells, how they work, and why they age. This lead to a profound, game-changing discovery...

The Beauty of Science


"That’s the beauty of science and the greatest reward of our dedications. Riding on the wave of this scientific revolution, we are obtaining mastery of our own cells. Now it’s time to make this technology available and affordable to the masses,” said Theresa Jang, Chairman of BIH and the driving force behind Cell Signaling Technology. Theresa herself is a leading figure in the cosmeceutical field, dedicated to bringing the most advanced technology to the market and also trains the many doctors interested in adopting its practice.

Cell Signal Therapy

Korean lab scientists from Bio Innovation Holistic (BIH), during the past 20 years of Research & Development of Stem cell functions, their cosmetic and therapeutic effect, have discovered unique cell-to-cell cross talking messengers namely Cell Signal Proteins. These proteins have been proven to be the critical key to repair and regenerate cell life.

Our scientists through thousands of hours of lab focused research have specialised in the identification of hundreds of these ‘Cell Signal Proteins’ and in each function of the cross-talk- signaling communication. After decades of research we are finally (in 2016), able to establish a comprehensive Cell Signals-Pathway Map, providing the overview of all types of intercellular communication for cell functioning

For the past 10 years, we have developed and distributed biocosmetic under the brand names Bio CM and Éclat, based on our Cell Signal knowledge and innovative-patented technology. With these brands we have formulated the highest concentration of selected essential signal proteins, to provide impressive collagen synthesis and hair root follicle revival.

Our breakthrough of cell signaling based bio-cosmetics product lines were highly anticipated and greatly appreciated through international clinics and spas, providing the best RESULT ORIENTED treatments to deal with skin disorders, hair loss and thinning hair problems.

Our technology derived cell signal protein based cosmetic formulas, have been tested and proven for their powerful hair growth effectiveness by the KFDA lab independent study program. In this study, our formula of only 3% concentration was compared for its hair growth strengthening effect vs. the industry leading US FDA approved medicine's 5% concentration. These independent studies proved that the BIH formulas are over 50% more effective than the medicine derived formulas that exist today.

The BIH stem cell R&D lab has received several times the prestigious ‘Excellent Bio-Technology Award’ from the Korean government IT &Technology minister between 2013 and 2016. To date, the BIH Stem cell R&D labs have created the most powerful bio-cosmetics for scar, wrinkle, pigment reduction and hair growth effective formulas. The products are now used by professionals in more than 20 countries and are available in dermatologist’s clinics and aesthetic centers worldwide.

More recently our hair growth treatment and homecare program has been franchised in Asia through well-known and highly regarded aesthetic clinics and through high profile hair salons & spa chains.

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