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The salon industry has built its foundations on hair cutting, styling and colouring – in fact 95% of the industry turnover comes from these three services, the remaining 5% from in-store retail which today still struggles agains the low pricing and vast assortments from on-line stores, discount high street retailing and widespread supermarket chains.

Ironically, there is no hairdressing industry without hair and yet we do very little for our clients to help them keep it. Almost all salon services which involve chemicals such as hair dye, bleaching and permanent or semi-permanent waving require harmful peroxides to activate them. This inevitably leads to increased hair loss through cuticle damage, & hair breakage. As many clients have a barrier to in-salon retailing, they often purchase poorer products than they actually require to repair, restore and maintain such harmful chemical treatments.

Imagine being able to offer a completely new service for your valuable clients in hair loss prevention and proven hair regrowth therapies. Not only will this bring additional revenues to your business, but your clients will embrace you as a true expert in servicing both their beauty and self-esteem needs. Hair loss in women is particularly distressing for them, and often doctors, with very limited medicines available for such ailments, can not provide the overall holistic approach ongoing maintenance and care that a professional hairdresser could.

The Éclat salon range of products from Bio Innovation Holistic, are provided exclusively to the professional hair care and spa industry.

With our certified training programs – your employees will no longer be afraid to approach such sensitive subjects with clients. They will not only be able to converse with the correct trichology language, but will also be able to treat, restore and contain hair loss for their clients as well as being able to offer maintenance programs and products for home use, that they will never be able to purchase on the high street or even replicate from a pharmacist.

This new service offers guaranteed additional profits for those salons selected for the program. Please Contact Us

Salon Selection Process

Naturally we require that salons meet very stringent standards and are highly professionally trained with an excellent reputation within their area. BIH selects Exclusive Appointed Stockists from the top 5% of salons & Spas only and all inquiries are thoroughly screened not only for their standards, but to ensure that geographically they are providing service for a measured population without infringing upon another territory.

To find out more about our Salon & Spa full service program. Please Contact Us

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