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The Medical industry is at the core of the BIH success story. For over 7 years we have been providing professional formulas to the Medical, Dermatological and Trichology industry. Our treatments are noted to be at the forefront of Bio-Science and the most successful proven formulas in the industry. Treatments and products can be provided to your clinics from our BioCM ranges, or we can produce assortments for private label use, to promote your own business and brand. Some of the most highly regarded clinics in the professional industry use such services from us today.

Our professional Medical and Dermatological (Training) Program is second to none in the industry. Not only can you replace your existing formulas for enhanced results or add to your services from our advanced ranges, but we can teach you new techniques to gain the best advantage from our products during the treatment process itself. You only need to review some of our testimonials or consult with doctors using our programs to understand that you will find nothing better to treat your clients with, within the whole hair loss industry. For more information about our medical treatment & training programs. Please (Contact Us)

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Cell Signalling

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BIH has active distributors and partners across the whole Asia region, providing biocosmetics with Cell Signal Therapy foundation.

BIH has carefully segmented the hairloss market by creating 3 distinct brands for the Medical Channel (BioCM), Beauty and Hair Therapists Channel (Eclat) and the new Retail Market Home Care product line, which generates synchronizing complementary systems to deliver fast and powerful results without channel conflict.

In each country where BIH operates flagship clinics, these will run the comprehensive skin rejuvenation and hair growth programs and provide aesthetic natural hairline hair transplant surgery supported with cell signal therapy.

By November of 2017, BIH will enter homecare retail sales in Asia and Europe through selected cosmetic drug stores and duty-free chain shops.

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