The CTS Roller for Professional Skin Care Solutions

The CTS microneedle is a high quality medical-grade needle with a detachable roller head for convenient and unique microneedle therapy. Containing more than 900 microneedles which open a mechanical penetration channel, this allows the active cosmetic ingredients to be delivered to the deeper epidermal layers of the skin. Usage creates thousands of microsized puncture channels to provide pathways for cosmetic ingredients to penetrate deeper, providing an ideal amount of treatment to the optimum layer at the deeper epidermis, with minimum downtime. Micro-needling also promotes the natural induction of collagen and elastin by stimulating cellular wound healing procedure.

Indication and Usage of CTS Microneedle Therapy

    Hair loss
  • • Stimulate micro-blood circulation
  • • Product penetration to the hair follicle/scalp cells
    Facial anti-aging & rejuvenation
  • • Fine lines, wrinkle reduction
  • • Skin brightening, lifting, firming
  • • Acne treatment
  • • Scar & acne scar reduction
  • • Pigment lesion improvement
  • • Stretch mark correction

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