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The BioCM professional range of treatments has been developed by BIH Korean lab scientists, through 20 years of R&D  Stem cell  research. This research has created cosmetic and therapeutic products through the discovery of cell-to-cell cross talking messengers called Cell Signal Proteins. These are the critical key to repairing and regenerating cell life .

Our scientists have specialised in identifying thousands of cell signal proteins’ each having its own unique function in cross-talk-signaling communication. In 2016, we have finally been able to establish the complete cell signals - pathway map, providing an overview of all types of intercellular communication for cell functioning.

For the past 10 years, we have developed and distributed professional use bio cosmetics in the form of our BioCM product line giving outstanding results for clients around the world.

Our Cell Signal knowledge and innovative patented technology allows us to formulate the highest concentration of selected essential signal proteins to make collagen synthesis and hair root follicle revival.

Our breakthrough of cell signaling based bio cosmetics have provided a paradigm shift for international clinics and spas offering RESULT ORIENTED treatments to deal with skin disorders, hair loss and hair thinning problems.

Our technology derived cell signal protein based cosmetic formulas have been independently studied by the KFDA and have been proven to provide powerful hair growth effectiveness. Studies conclude our formula at only 3% concentration, is 50% more effective compared to US FDA approved medicine formulas at 5%. The BIH stem cell R&D lab that produced the BioCM range has received several times the ‘Excellent Bio-Technology Awards’ from the Korean Government's IT & Technology Minister from 2013 to 2016.

To date, the BIH Stem cell R&D lab has created the most powerful bio cosmetics for scar, anti-wrinkle, pigment reduction and effective hair growth formulas.

Our BioCM treatment range is now used in over 20 countries worldwide through clinics, dermatologists and aesthetic centres.

Our hair growth treatment and homecare program is gaining an excellent reputation and through high demand is now being franchised throughout Asia, facilitated by well-known aesthetic clinics and highly regarded hair spa chains.

Bio CM Home Care Series


The BioCM assortment of homecare products is world class. Offering formulas at the pinnacle of results driven high end cosmetics.

  • Eye & Neck Perfection Cream

    • Highly potent multiple peptides complex derived from stem cell technology

    • Bring cellular energy to optimum level

    • Dramatically diminish deep wrinkles around eyes and neck

    • Powerfully revitalize skin tone radiant, supple and tightened

  • Recovery Hydra Pump

    • Apart from moisturizing effect

    • Enhance self-repair mechanism of cells

    • Perfect remedy for skins after laser, peeling or microneedle therapy

  • Magic Whitening Cream

    • Immediate Whitening / Brightening Effect Long-Term

    • Whitening Effect

    • Extensive Hydration / Radiance / Moisturizing Effect

  • Recovery Essence

    • Enhanced Collagen Boosting Effect

    • Various Growth Factors and Peptides

    • Strong Whitening Effect

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